Well, I go by “M. Rock” or just “m” in posts. I work on an island off the coast of Washington state and I enjoy invertebrates and all their weirdnesses.

I graduated in spring 2010 from Art School.

In my spare time, I think a lot about marine life, zombies, marine life, books, other (better) comics, and fiber arts. I cook a lot of food and I keep a record of my dreams because they’re vivid and often hilarious.

I don’t like: junk mail, strangers, burrito shortages, and sunburns.

I do like: exciting emails, octopuses, the Original Star Wars Trilogy, and beans n’ rice.

If you’d like to contact me about something you saw in the comic, a good recipe for rice n’ beans, or just you think it’d be neat to say “Hi”, you can reach me by email: megtopus @ octopodadventures (dot) com.