Here’s some things that you might want answered, I think:

1. Are you a zombie or android?

Not that I know of.  I make no guarantees.

2. What do you actually do in real life?

Pretty much the same things you see in the comics, except I fight more crime.  And I have a secret lair.

3. What does this mean?

That link is the exact terms of my creative commons license for Octopod Adventures.  It means you’re welcome to share the image (with attribution to me, M. Rock), use it for non-commercial purposes (like some sweet tattoos*), and if you do alter my images I ask that you use them with attribution and share with all (for free).

4. You push your store a lot, are you secretly a money grubbing tycoon?

I am not a money grubbing tycoon, but I do have a burrito addiction.  And that is an expensive habit.  By purchasing items in the store you support me as a burrito addict (and as an artist).

5. Are you anywhere else on the intertoobs?

This is my only comic currently (and about all I can handle).  You may recognize me from my defunct comic “The Rocket Scandal”, but these comics are coming back one at a time, never fear.  I also have a portfolio of my real people work proving that I can “draw good” too.

6. I want to comment on this post, but it says comments are closed! (And/or you posted a comment and it didn’t appear after a few days.) Why?!?!

For a blog that doesn’t have any sort of huge readership (I mean, I’m not like QC or the Oatmeal or anything) I sure do get a *#$(ing lot of comments that are spam-bot propelled. In order to cut down on this, I’ve turned off comments on any post older than a week, and there are a few buzzwords that will automatically boot your comment to spam. I’m really sorry if you’re not spam and actually want to comment. You could also send me an email with what you want to say though! (see below)

7. If someone wanted to contact you, how would they do so?

Smoke signals.  Or email.  megtopus @ octopodadventures (dot) com

*if you get a tattoo of any of these, please let me know because I would freaking love to see it.