So, it’s been kind of a rough week here at Casa Octopod. I’ve been laid up on the couch in my parents’ living room, eating all the mushy foods I can find, and dealing with pain that wasn’t responding to any of the painkillers I have (including Vicodin). It was radiating down my jaw from one extraction site through all my teeth that were still present and throbbing. Gently throbbing, but consistent. It made getting a whole night of sleep nigh impossible.

Today I went back in to the doctor with the understanding that this was probably not normal. And my doctor removed the suture, cleaned the wound, and packed it with eugenol (derived from clove oil). It was hell as it was happening and for about thirty minutes after, and then the eugenol kicked in. And life was wonderful.

In conclusion, my mouth is no longer a writhing ball of agony contained in my mortal form and I finally feel pretty good. I’m still chilling on the couch and recouperating, but getting back to speed at last. Expect comics to resume as usual on Sunday. Sorry about this week.