There’s no comic. I’m a failure.* But I do bring you the finest pickings of the internet I could get!

Game: OH man. Have you played Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars? Because if not, don’t. It’s really addictive and you’ll lose an hour of your life.

Video: Set your mind. There are ponies. They are space cowboy ponies. That’s what happens in this absolutely stunning video mash-up of the Serenity movie with one of the latest incarnations of My Little Pony. It’s so good I can’t put words to my emotions.

And finally, best image I’ve seen on the internet today: a picture of a burrito bowl. ‘Cause I’m hungry.


*I’m getting ready to go get a learner’s permit tomorrow. I’ll be able to drive a vehicle. Trust me, you want me spending time on that rather than the comic.